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Michael Rosenbaum Fans

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Seattle Hockey Challenge 2009 [16 Feb 2009|03:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone know who is going to be at the Seattle Hockey Challenge this year besides Michael Rosenbaum?

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Michael PG Porn Icons [23 Dec 2008|02:31pm]

The rest HERE at shelly505
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Rosenbaum & Marsters at Dragon Con 2008 [01 Sep 2008|07:21pm]

This next batch is Rosenbaum and Marsters talking on Sunday at Dragon Con. The rest are in the process of uploading, the other one is done uploading.

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Dragon Con 2008 Footage [01 Sep 2008|04:25pm]

I just got back from Dragon Con and I'm in the process of uploading the videos up on YouTube. Here's the first one of the Friday panel. I'll post the Sunday panel when I'm done. Part two is up there, and the rest are in process.

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Michael in a short film called "Cutless" [16 Jul 2008|02:13am]

I've long since drifted away from Smallville, but I still notice Mikey now and then and smile... Anyway, iTunes has this short film available for free download - I'm not sure how much longer it'll be free, so I'd download it right away - and I watched it last night and it was a sweet little story and I enjoyed it. Then I was watching the credits and saw Michael's name. What? I hadn't noticed him in it. Well, his part is tiny - just a few seconds and no lines - but it's still fun. Gotta love his facial expressions and costume. And did I mention it's FREE?

If you click on the cover art above, it'll open up iTunes and take you right to it. (If that download link gives you trouble, then open up iTunes, go into the store and click on Movies, and then click Browse in the Quick Links section in the upper right hand corner. Choose the Short Films category, and you'll see it listed.)

The film was written and directed by Kate Hudson and has an all star cast: Kurt Russell, Chevy Chase, Virginia Madsen, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart... and a little cameo by Michael Rosenbaum (with Dax Shepard).

A screen cap for yaCollapse )
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MR in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia [26 Jun 2008|04:57pm]


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, ep 1/05 Gun Fever.

Download the episode (175mb, avi)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

61 screencaps, 480x352pxCollapse )
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[08 Jun 2008|05:44am]


Hi, does anyone have the MR moodtheme that was made by fableblue/upgasm? the link has expired here:


Or alternately does anyone want to help me out choosing photos so I can make one to share?

Thanks :D
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Pictures of Michael and Chris [20 Mar 2008|12:16am]

Hey there fellow Rosey fans! :)

I'm looking for some pics of Michael and Chris together. Any pics will do, but I'm really after the ones of them at American Idol.
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Zoe episodes on AOL [02 Feb 2008|10:35pm]

[ mood | okay ]

AOL.COM In2TV has free streaming episodes from season two of Zoe, (aka Zoe, Jack, Duncan & Jane) starring Michael Rosenbaum & Selma Blair!

Episode 02x01

or go directly to the index for more episodes >>

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rosenbaum has many sides x74 [27 Sep 2007|12:10pm]

1-36 smallville s6e19 / nemesis (clark, lex, lana, chloe)
37-74 michael rosenbaum in sorority boys
one lexana banner

*obvious spoilers for sorority boys so enter at own risk* or maybe your curious ;)


- none are bases (unless stated)
- i'd love suggestions on icon themes
- ask me about requests & interest icons
- no hotlinking, please credit
- resources | bases | icons

here @ shalowater
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supernatural clexbomb! x82 [19 Sep 2007|02:52pm]

1-5 supernatural e201
6-28 supernatural e219
29-38 supernatural random
39-44 jensen ackles / dean random
45-51 jensen ackles
52-59 sam /dean love text
60-70 clark kent & lex luthor
71-78 supernatural / j2
79-80 michael rosenbaum / lex
81-82 julian mcmahon


- none are bases (unless stated)
- i'd love suggestions on icon themes
- ask me about requests & interest icons
- no hotlinking, please credit
- resources | bases | icons

here @ shalowater
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random fandom x80 [07 Aug 2007|01:59am]

large icon post! & one banner (jonathan rhys meyers)

1-14 jensen ackles
15-19 supernatural
20-28 michael rosenbaum
29-40 ian somerhalder
41-52 lost s1x8
53-56 lost s1x9
57-62 lost s1x10
62-68 jonathan rhys myers (old contest entries)
69-80 lyrics (text only) kelly clarkson "sober"

banner (jonathan rhys myers)


- none are bases (unless stated)
- i'd love suggestions on icon themes
- ask me about requests
- no hotlinking, please credit
- resources | bases | icons

here @ my journal shalowater
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Charity Auction featuring Michael Rosenbaum and Smallville cast [07 Mar 2007|11:22am]

Hi everyone! I found this awesome charity auction on eBay and thought it might be of interest. Michael Rosenbaum autographed some of the cutest little bears I've seen.

Click here for the auction.

With the support of the Vancouver film industry, we are proud to bring you Bears that Care for BC Women's - the cutest fundraiser in town!

Famous personalities from film and television have thrown their support behind BC Women's by autographing these cuddly little bears. And they are just crying out for a new home - with you!
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